How to: Travel With Your Surfboard

When you own a surfboard, of course you want to take it with you on your next surftrip. Your board should arrive there just as healthy and safety like you. Unfortunately, it is known, that many airlines do not treat the luggage very well, so I show you this time in a step by step guide how you can make your board ready to fly.

Step by Step Guide: How to prepare your surfboard for a flight

Step 1: Check the baggage policy

First you should check if it’s possible to take your board with you and how much it will cost you. This page provides a good and comprehensive overview of many airlines, what they allow and how much they charge for the transport. Check also the baggage policy on your airlines webpage. Here they will also let you know if a reservation for your luggage is required.

Step 2: A good board bag is mandatory

Now that you know you can take your board with you, you should pack it safely. A good board bag is half the battle. But also the way how you pack your board is crucial.


Step 3: Remove Leash, Fins and Wax

If there is still wax on the board, remove it. Otherwise it maybe sticks melted in your board bag later. The Fins can break off during transport broken, so simply unscrew them with a Fin-Key. Also remove the leash from your Board.

Step 4: Protect Rails, Tail and Nose

The nose and the tail are particularly vulnerable. You can protect them with foam-pipes from the hardware store, which you usually use for the insolation of pipes. Cut them on one side, pull it over nose, rails and tail and fix it with tape. If you don’t have a hardware store nearby, you can also roll a towel and use this instead. To avoid residual glue, you can wrap your board cling film before. To avoid plastic waste, I refrain and remove any residue with nail polish remover.


Step 5: Pack and Stuff

For this reason – no plastic waste – I don’t use bubble wrap. I use clothes and towels instead to cushion my board. Wrap your Board into it and fix it with tape. If you have a board sock, put it over your board now. The well-padded surfboard now comes in the board bag. Fill free spaces with other clothes or towels.


Step 6: Nothing forgotten?

Check again if you have Fins, Fin-key and leash. It would be annoying to forget those things. And also don’t forget the tape so that you can prepare your board again for your flight back.


Now your board should be good enough packed to survive the flight unscathed. So good and safe trip and see you in the line up!

stay stoked and hang loose


Beautiful Beaches: Langre, Spain

Langre is a (I’m sorry) one horse town in the middle of northern Spain, between Gijon and Bilbao, next to Santander. Green meadows and in the distance you can see the Picos de l’europa with their maybe snow-covered peaks. Langre has an extremely beautiful bay with great waves – in it’s neighborhood there’s nothing except Boris’ Liquid Surfcamp a few farms – the right place to chill and switch off. The best thing is: Most of the time you have the bay just for yourself.

The bay is also good for SUP. My friends offer SUP-classes regularly:

Langre Spain 01

Langre Spain 02

Langre Spain 03

Langre Spain 04

Langre Spain 05

Langre Spain 06

Langre Spain 101

stay stoked and hang loose

The ultimate Hostel-Survivalguide Part 3

After you found you perfect hostel here and you’ve alreasy learned here how to survive in a dorm and here about the lounge it’s time to go on…

There will be a time, when you have to visit the bathroom and the shower. They differ from hostel to hostel as well. But basicly they’re all alright as far as I could experience. They serve the purpose, but keep in mind that you are sharing them with other people. Hence, it might be not so clean and well-provided like your bathroom at home. But that’s no promblem for you, isn’t it? With the following tips you will be prepared:

My ultimate Hostel-Survivalguide Part 3: WC and shower

Tip 10: Check first!

After you moved in you should immediately check bathroom and shower. I am not talking about the cleanliness but rather about to see how the land lies. In case of “emergency” you know what to expect. Just take a look around. Is there enough space to change clothes and to store in a dry place while showering? Is there toiletpaper and soad or do you have to take it with you?

Tip 11: Don’t shower in the rush hours!

Take your shower when nobody else does. That’s usually in the early morning or late at night. There are no queues in front of the shower cabinet, no idletime and not this unpleasent feeling to hurry, because others already wait outside.

Tip 12: The Hostel shower is no spa

Anyway, it shouldn’t take you too long – with due honors to your hygienic. The Hostel shower is not the rigt place for excessive washing rituals. Five to ten minutes maximum is a good benchmark. This applies particularly for showers with a limited contingent of warm water. You certainly don’t want be the person who consumes the last hot water.

Tip 13: Take your valuables with you!

In any case, you should take your objects of value, if there are no lockers. A small waterproof bag will protect them. This has nothing to do with paranoia. If you once had to procure your passport, money, credit cards, etc. again, you certainly don’t want to do it a second time.

Tip 14: Shower with Flip Flops!

If the shower is not soooo clean, flip flops can be very useful. A little extra tip, they are also ideal as projectiles for snoring roommates.

Tip 15: Stick to the toilet rules!

If there’s a sign which says: “do not throw toilet paper in the toilets” be sure, that it’s there for a reason. Calm down, there will be a small container for the toilet paper in every toilet. Not only your roommates, especially the staff will thank you. Also other signs should be obeyed. Oh, and queueing is of course required!

Actually, it’s pretty easy, as always. Respect your roommates and behave like you wish it from other people. In Part 4, finally, let’s take a look in the kitchen.



13 Things To Enrich Your Journey

You can find cultural insights and adventure almost anywhere. How you decide to travel and what you decide to do is far more important than where you decide to go and what you intend to see. Thinking in terms of doing rather than seeing will enhance that most vital often elusive dimension of your travels: depth.

1: Relax on a desolate beach

Look at the sea and just relax and unwind, away from the crowded beaches. And this deserted beaches are everywhere, you just have to open your eyes.


2: Spend the night somewhere unusual

When was the last time you spend a night outside? Guess my choice: a luxury bed in a 5-star hotel or a place under millions of stars?


3: Try an “unordinary” transport

To fly is practical, a taxi is convinient and with a speedboat you can save a lot of time. But try a train in the third class, a sailboat or a wrecked bus. It will not be comfortable, but you will meet great people and you’ll have great stories to tell.


4: Taste the streetfood

If you like you can like home when you’re on the road. But why should you want this? Go on the streets and in the food courts. Try things you’ve never eaten!


5: Make friends with other travelers

Go out to a few bars or to a club in the evening together, have fun. Share your adventures and experiences and learn from eachother.


6: Head under water

…and discover a different world.


7: Go underground

Not only underwater another world is waiting for you, underground you can discover exciting things as well.


8: Meet a local

There is hardly a better guide than a local. He not only shows you the city or the place, but also the life there and corners tourists normally do not go.


9: Navigate without your guidebook

Talking about getting lost. Why not do it on purpose. Go out without map, without smartphone app and look where you’re going. Just walk and follow your intuition.

10: Explore the backstreets of a city

With or without map, if you don’t follow the main roads and tourist flows, you’ll discover the real essence of a city.


11: Bargain at the local market

For me as a German it’s a little bit weird to bargain. But when I am traveling, I make it a game. Do not be cheeky, ask kindly and respectful. And never pay the first-mentioned price.


12: Taste the local “firewater”

Almost every country has a local “specialty” – just closed your eyes and down with it! Cheers!


13: Climb a mountain

and enjoy the view.


Over to you: This list is not complete, so what are the things that enrich your journey?