Beautiful beaches: Balangan, Bali

Balangan is located at the Bukit-peninsula in the south of Bali. The bay is surrounded by cliffs and it is in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island . From one of the warungs at the beach you can perfectly watch the surfers and enjoy an ice cold Bintang or a coconut . The open huts are built on stilts , because at high tide the beach is flooded. At low tide the white sandy beach is revealed. When you come to surf here you can watch through the crystal clear water in the reef and its inhabitants .











The hunt for the perfect wave

or: welcome to my blog


The boards that means the world

I always thought that surfing is kind of cool and it was, in retrospect, far too long on my ” things I want to do in my life ” list. In 2010 the time has come … I had a job, I saved a little money and I had vacations. It was time to cross surfing off my list – that was the plan. At this moment I could not even imagine how substainable that would affect and change my life. My first time on the board, riding in the whitewash of the first wave,… the feeling that is so hardly to describe, to be one with the elements has taken control over me so I knew from the moment : This is exactly my thing! … I tasted blood!

Surfing: the moment of pure happiness

To be honest, I am not a really good surfer, I am pretty unambitious related to sportive surfing. But I love to paddle out when the sun rises, to sit in the line up while wait and watch the ocean. For the purpose to start to paddle at the precise moment, jump on my board and ride the wave. For that little moment I do so much now. Hours of flights, swimming and fitness training, paddling until your arms fall off, getting washed a thousand times … all for this little moment of pure happiness.

Surfing: I couldn’t  get rid of it

And when the trip is over, my heart is bleeding. Surfing won’t let me go. I started to realize how surfing became more and more a huge part of my life. Once a trip is over, I start to plan the next. In the meantime I dream of the ocean and it’s beautiful waves.

That’s why…

It’s all about surfing and everything that comes with it. It’s about the longing for the ocean, the search for happiness and a life for the next wave. On this blog you will find Travel and fitnessadvices, workouts, healthy recipies, facts and information about countries, cities, surfspots, how tos, galleries that will make you keen for traveling and so many more.

A little Teaser?

In the next weeks for example…

  • I will take you to Barbados and show you the most beautiful beach I ever have seen so far
  • you can travel with me to portugal and check the waves with me
  • I show you how you can find a perfect hostel for you and how you going to survive there
  • I tell you my secret recipe for the best pancakes in the world
  • I make you “fit for surf” and
  • I explain you, why it’s no a good idea to surf in green boardshorts in Indonesia

And that is just a small insight, so