The zombie in the line up OR how grumpies get out of bed

I HATE getting up early. I ‘m a night owl and I used to get wired in the late evening. Since the conditions for surfing are better in the morning I accord to circumstances and tumble up from bed early – in my vacations (!!!). And to be honest, not even the prospect of a good surf makes me bounce cheerfully out of bed when the alarm clock rings. Let’s face it: I am not an early bird and I just don’t like it to get up early, … not even for surfing – but at least I do it!


Tips for morning grouches who have to torture themselves out of bed early

  1. Zombie mode! On automatic until you’re in the water. Since it’s off .
  2. Coffee , coffee , coffee – black, strong and intravenously .
  3. Roommates! If you let your alarm clock ring like forever in 4 or 6 bedroom, it can happen that your roommates become really angry with you. Little tip: It seems that they also can’t laugh about, when you accidentally hit the snooze button instead of turning it off, then slip away into the bathroom and when the alarm clock rings again, scream because you was frighten and  fight with the door to open while be even more noisy.
  4. Wake up call. Ask someone to wake you up in the morning. But negotiate the terms first – whether with a bucket of cold water or by gently tickle 😉 both work.
  5. I know you don’t want to hear it, but it really works. Go to bed early, don’t drink too much alcohol or party too long in the evening.
  6. Stay in bed sometimes, but not too often. Sometimes your body just needs to sleep!
  7. Appointments. No one likes to wait. Knowing that someone is waiting for me, I often prevent me for turning the alarm clock off.
  8. Early birds and jesters. Yes, they are annoying! But an early birds who infectiously good-humored and spread geniality and happiness is sometimes the best way to not fall asleep again.
  9. Just fake it ‘ til you make it! Spread good mood and optimism around. Hey, you are going on a surfsession 😀
manchmal lohnt sich das aufstehen

Sometimes to get out of bed will be payed off


Bali in the morning

Good morning, Barbados!

Good morning, Barbados!

Over to you: How do you get out of bed really early?