A special relationship: Your Surfboard and you

A new board is always something special. As I bought my last one I was really excited and euphoric. I barely couldn’t wait to get into the water. Not sooner said than done! With the light weight it was pretty easy to carry to the beach and the paddling was really nice and easy. In the line up happened what had to happen … I did not catch any good wave. Either I was too far back (wave gone) or too far in the front (Nosedive … YEAH). If I managed a take off I felt off the board two seconds later.

To the question: “And? How is surfing with your new board???” I could only reply: “Yes, … different …” . Sure, you need to get used to your new equipment, each board is and behaves differently.

After the session I talked to a surfguide about new boards and he gave me the following advice: “You have to sleep with your board. Take your board to bed with you tonight” – Uh, pardon, …what? He told me that he took his new board with him to bed. “A new board is like a new girlfriend, you need to get to know each other and build a relationship“, he told me.

wer sein board liebt, der wachst

me and my board

Since I slept just being in a bunk bed of 90 cm width, I renounced to do so. Meanwhile, my board and me became good friends although I didn’t take it to bed with me.

Over to you: what are you doing with your new board , unless waxing and surfing it ? What rituals do you usually de to build and deepen the relationship with your Board?