How to: Travel With Your Surfboard

When you own a surfboard, of course you want to take it with you on your next surftrip. Your board should arrive there just as healthy and safety like you. Unfortunately, it is known, that many airlines do not treat the luggage very well, so I show you this time in a step by step guide how you can make your board ready to fly.

Step by Step Guide: How to prepare your surfboard for a flight

Step 1: Check the baggage policy

First you should check if it’s possible to take your board with you and how much it will cost you. This page provides a good and comprehensive overview of many airlines, what they allow and how much they charge for the transport. Check also the baggage policy on your airlines webpage. Here they will also let you know if a reservation for your luggage is required.

Step 2: A good board bag is mandatory

Now that you know you can take your board with you, you should pack it safely. A good board bag is half the battle. But also the way how you pack your board is crucial.


Step 3: Remove Leash, Fins and Wax

If there is still wax on the board, remove it. Otherwise it maybe sticks melted in your board bag later. The Fins can break off during transport broken, so simply unscrew them with a Fin-Key. Also remove the leash from your Board.

Step 4: Protect Rails, Tail and Nose

The nose and the tail are particularly vulnerable. You can protect them with foam-pipes from the hardware store, which you usually use for the insolation of pipes. Cut them on one side, pull it over nose, rails and tail and fix it with tape. If you don’t have a hardware store nearby, you can also roll a towel and use this instead. To avoid residual glue, you can wrap your board cling film before. To avoid plastic waste, I refrain and remove any residue with nail polish remover.


Step 5: Pack and Stuff

For this reason – no plastic waste – I don’t use bubble wrap. I use clothes and towels instead to cushion my board. Wrap your Board into it and fix it with tape. If you have a board sock, put it over your board now. The well-padded surfboard now comes in the board bag. Fill free spaces with other clothes or towels.


Step 6: Nothing forgotten?

Check again if you have Fins, Fin-key and leash. It would be annoying to forget those things. And also don’t forget the tape so that you can prepare your board again for your flight back.


Now your board should be good enough packed to survive the flight unscathed. So good and safe trip and see you in the line up!

stay stoked and hang loose


Healthy Eating: How To Cook Soy Meat / Vegetable Protein

Most of us know how to cook beef or meat but many are afraid to cook soy, because they don’t know how. However, the preparation of soy is not difficult. Even though you’re not a vegetarian, soy can be a cheap and delicious alternative which brings a little more variety to your plate.

And it’s healthy too. Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) is made of defatted soy meal. It contains many valuable nutrients, especially vitamins and folic acid, as well as vegetable protein with all essential amino acids. Moreover, minerals such as calcium, magnesium and lecithin isoflavones, fiber and trace elements and polyunsaturated fatty acids are contained. Today I’ll show you:

Step by Step: How To Prepare Soy Meat / Vegetable Protein

You need:

  • soy meat / vegetable protein,
  • some soy sauce,
  • oil and
  • seasons of your choice


1: Soak the soy:
Pour the soy meat with boiling water and let it soak for about 5 minutes until it has drawn enough of water. Stirring during times so that all the pieces get soaked.


2: Drain the water, swill cold and squeeze it
Once you have drained the water, rinse with cold water. This has the advantage that you do not burn your fingers. For now, you squeeze the water easily with your hand out of the soy.


3: Sizzle in the pan
Now sear the soy meat in a pan until it is brown and crispy from the outside. Make sure to use enough oil because the soy doesn’t contain much fat, unlike meat.


4: Deglaze and spice up
Now deglaze with a good dash of soy sauce. Thereby, the pieces inside become “luscious” and will get a nice aroma.
Then it’s time to season to taste. What spices you use depends on your preference. My favorite at the moment is this grill seasoning. Also here, be not too sparingly because the soy is relatively tasteless.


5: Yummy!

That’s it. Easy – wasn’t it? That’s what I did this time:
Bon Appetite!

stay stoked and hang loose

Wavehuntress Kicks Ass: Some Motivation For You

That does it! Since I am back from my holidays I feel like a square peg in a round hole. The grey cold weather annoys me, I feel weak and tired and I can’t get my head out of my ass. Shortly before I flew back it was different. I had huge plans. I wanted to go swimming regularly, work out, cook for myself, free myself from old stuff.

Nothing happened until now. I have a lack of motivation, I am powerless and feel like doing nothing. And yes, it’s so easy to stay on the couch and persuade oneself, today I feel so weak, maybe I can workout tomorrow.

But enough is enough!

It’s not about finding out who you are, it’s about creating who you are.

You don’t have to find out who you are and why you behave like you do. That’s easy: The only reason why is, because you allow it.
I am lazy, because I allow it,
I am unmotivated, because I allow it and
I am powerless, because I allow it.

But there’s an end of it – NOW! No more lazy, no more unmotivated. None of that, that keeps you away from being that person, you want to be. You can create yourself and be however you want. So get rid of all those negative conditions and all the negative stuff. Keep it out of your head and out of your thoughts. You are the boss!

Ask yourself honestly: who do you want to be? And what are you willing to do to become that person?

You have to invest to gain success. Unfortunately things won’t happen out of nothing. Think about how you want to be and then act accordingly. Sounds pretty easy. First of all you have to stop lying to yourself. Because that is exactly what you do, when you conjure up excuses.
Too cold?
Too early?
No time?
Too tired?
You can continue the list endlessly. But are your excuses more important than your dreams?

Excuses will hinder you in fulfilling your dreams and reach your goals. Excuses are lies! If you stop lying to yourself, you will realize quickly how things, you always wanted to do or to achieve will easily happen! Go ahead and start now!

Someday doesn’t exist. It never has and never will. There is no someday, there’s only today

Start NOW – not tomorrow, not next Monday, not next month. NOW!!!
You don’t want to spent three days of soreness the next surf trip? Start now with your training.
You want more paddle power? Then move your pretty ass into the pool and do strengthening exercises for your upper body.
You want a stable stand on the board? Balance Board – now.
You want to eat healthier? Go to the kitchen and throw away all the unhealthy junk you stored.
You need money for your next trip? Look for saving potential in your spending. Pick-a-time job if possible and necessary.

Principle understood? Good! Start now – what are you waiting for?

Real superman don’t leap over buildings in a single bound. They take small, determined steps consistently over time.

The good news: You do not have to do all at once. However, you will not succeed if you do just a little bit now and then. You have to stay tuned and brace yourself up again and again. But you know what? It’s not so difficult, because with every workout you’ll become stronger and better and that will give you the power for the next one.

If you need a virtual kick in the ass from time to time, follow me on twitter. Under hashtag #wavehuntresskicksass I’ll give you regularly motivation.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Read the sentence again carefully. Do you feel the power in it? Believe in your failure and you will fail. Believe in your success and you will succeed. It’s all up to you. You can do anything when you just believe in yourself.


And that is exactly what you do now! You create yourself new and you are going to be the person you want to be. You forget about the bad excuses and you invest all your energy in your goals. Start now and stick to it. And the most important: Believe in yourself, your abilities and your success.
stay stoked and hang loose

Surfing: How To Get Back In After A Break

The first day in a surf camp is for me always a day full of mixed emotions. On one hand I am absolutely euphoric – finally surfing again, in the ocean, into the waves. On the other hand: disillusion, most things just don’t work how they should. That leads to disappointment, frustration and dissatisfaction.

But why? And How Can You Avoid It?

Expectations Are Too High

The first day is for getting used to surf again not for high performance surfing. I know that, but still, I often can’t appreciate even small success. I tend to belittle my accomplishments. … “Yeah, that was quite ok, but only in the white water and also I had a longboard …” Better is…
Enjoy every wave you get and do not be disappointed because they may be too small or you were not able to ride them long enough Try not to think about how much better it was the last time. Be glad about those small moments of happiness and success!

Not Enough Training

Everyday life can be very stressful and busy sometimes, so training has not always prio 1and I skipped it once in a while… shame on me. But what goes around comes around. After a few paddle strokes I hang panting on my board and must take a rest constantly. The next day I have sore muscles and then I could barely move. To avoid this…
Train regularly. Your goal should be to start where you end at your last surf trip. Hang in there.

Bad Equipment In The Surf schools

The boards in the surf schools are in heavy use. Therefore, there is either water-soaked soft board or haevy hard boards made of poly-ethylene. Then it could be that there is no surfboard with your preferred sizes or this it is just given to someone else. Therefore …
If possible, take your own equipment. You know your board and so you don’t have to struggle with rented board with low quality. In the worst case you have to test more than one to find something that suites you. Precious time, you better use for having fun

No Help

Especially when I visit a place for the first time and am not familiar with the spots and the waves I feel sometimes a little helpless. And when I am in a huge group of surfers it maybe can be, that me and my interests disappear in the group. But…
You should talk to your surf guide. When you have a specific goal that you want to work on, tell him and ask for feedback later.

If you follow those tips, you can avoid disappointment and frustration on your first day on the board again. And always remember:

surf and have fun

The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.

Over to you: What about your first day surfing after a long time?

stay stoked and hang loose

How to: Find your perfect hostel

For solo-travelers it is almost a must! But even when you are traveling with friends – a hostel can be an inexpensive alternative to sterile or same looking hotel room. Hostels are great! They are cheap and nowhere else you can get in touch with other travelers so quickly and easily. But: It takes all sorts. Some can keep up with any design hotel, others offer you a cozy, familiar atmosphere, others are just descent. Therefore, you need to think well before you pick your choice. Especially if you have never been to a hostel, the vast selection can be a little bit overwhelming in the beginning. That is why I show you today,

How I find the perfect hostel for me:

I start by visiting the website: Thousands of hostels all over the world are listed here. I am pretty sure that there is the right one for you. Just fill in the city you want to travel to and when you are going to stay there. Now you are getting a huge list with many hostels and b&bs.

How to: Choise the right hostel

The following criterias are important:

  • price
  • rating
  • impression/facilities/ambience
  • location

It is entirely up to you how you priorize these points. For me, the price is really important, but on the other hand the ambience as well. Therefore, I decide usually for a hostel in the middle price segment.

Click by click to your travel home:

  1. First, sort by the price. So I can get an overview of the local price range.
  2. Next, I sort by the reviews. A high value is a good indicator for the quality of the hostels. Guests evaluate and rate the service, security, location, staff, atmosphere, facilities and cleanliness.
  3. And then I start clicking like a maniac – I open the cheap and highranked hostels in tabs. I look at the pics and decide within seconds flying by the seat of my pants. If I like, the tab stays open, if I don’t I close it. Most times there are about 4 or 5 hostels, which appeal to me in the terms of price and visual impression.
  4. Now it’s time for the details. I compare facilities and services. Is breakfast included (really important)? Aircon or Fan? Bikerental (just in case)? Parking lot? Laundryservice? and so on. I take a closer look where the hostel is located – how can I get there, is there a bus stop or a subway station?
  5. If available I now visit the hostels homepage. Here I get to know if they offer activities. In Singapore, for instance, I was in a hostel which offered citytours with the kickboard and in Lisboa we went out for a Fado-Evening.
  6. Finally I read some of the reviews. But again at In the direct comparison I usually find my favorite.

And voilà: I have found my hostel!

You can directly make your booking over A deposit of 16% is due – the rest I then pay when I am there. For a surcharge of 1 € I remain flexible and can use the deposit for another booking in case of cancellation.

Over to you: How do you find your hostel? What was the best hostel you have been to?

The zombie in the line up OR how grumpies get out of bed

I HATE getting up early. I ‘m a night owl and I used to get wired in the late evening. Since the conditions for surfing are better in the morning I accord to circumstances and tumble up from bed early – in my vacations (!!!). And to be honest, not even the prospect of a good surf makes me bounce cheerfully out of bed when the alarm clock rings. Let’s face it: I am not an early bird and I just don’t like it to get up early, … not even for surfing – but at least I do it!


Tips for morning grouches who have to torture themselves out of bed early

  1. Zombie mode! On automatic until you’re in the water. Since it’s off .
  2. Coffee , coffee , coffee – black, strong and intravenously .
  3. Roommates! If you let your alarm clock ring like forever in 4 or 6 bedroom, it can happen that your roommates become really angry with you. Little tip: It seems that they also can’t laugh about, when you accidentally hit the snooze button instead of turning it off, then slip away into the bathroom and when the alarm clock rings again, scream because you was frighten and  fight with the door to open while be even more noisy.
  4. Wake up call. Ask someone to wake you up in the morning. But negotiate the terms first – whether with a bucket of cold water or by gently tickle 😉 both work.
  5. I know you don’t want to hear it, but it really works. Go to bed early, don’t drink too much alcohol or party too long in the evening.
  6. Stay in bed sometimes, but not too often. Sometimes your body just needs to sleep!
  7. Appointments. No one likes to wait. Knowing that someone is waiting for me, I often prevent me for turning the alarm clock off.
  8. Early birds and jesters. Yes, they are annoying! But an early birds who infectiously good-humored and spread geniality and happiness is sometimes the best way to not fall asleep again.
  9. Just fake it ‘ til you make it! Spread good mood and optimism around. Hey, you are going on a surfsession 😀
manchmal lohnt sich das aufstehen

Sometimes to get out of bed will be payed off


Bali in the morning

Good morning, Barbados!

Good morning, Barbados!

Over to you: How do you get out of bed really early?

Fit for surf: swimming

Let’s start to swim! Swimming is a great preparation for your next surf trip. But I admit, it can be also pretty boring to swim one lane after the other monotonously. To vary the training and for not getting bored, I work with swim-plans. And today I am going to show you how to do it.


I don’t know what about you, but before I started surfing I hated to crawl – much too hectic, too exhausting , less relaxed. But paddling is what you’re doing the most during your surf session, so let’s face it! And meanwhile I kind of like to crawl. Just stick to it, even if you can’t crawl for a long distance in the beginning. Everybody has to start somewhere, just increase continuously. When I started pyramid training helped me a lot.

How to make a swimplan?

Warm up and technique-drills

It is really important to warm up your muscles first. For that I usually swim 200 to 300 m breaststroke. Now it’s time to focus on techniques to develop a more efficient swim stroke. These are drills like single-arm-crawl, catch-ups or swimming with your fingers closed into a fist. I usually do 4 different exercises each for one lane of 50 m. I am going to describe you a few of those exercises soon.

Main part: swim, swim, swim

Ready for the actual swim training? Honestly …? It is just about crawl lane after lane, the more the merrier. Thus, it’s not going to be boring, you have several options:

  • Pyramid training. Pyramid sets are a great way to add variety and difficulty into your workouts. To create a Pyramid set start with a short swim (one lane/50m). Then build in increments to a longer swim (like a 300 or 400) and decrease in the same increments back to your starting swim distance. In between you can add a lane breaststrokes or you can simply rest for a minute. You’ll notice very quickly progress.
  • Distance-swimming. Pretty simple: Swim freestyle until you no longer can, and then swim 50m more! Although this is not very varied but it helps to improve your basic endurance and also shows your progress. It makes a little proud, to increase from an initial 8 lanes to over 20 …
  • Interval training. Think about a distance or number of lanes fixed and how often you want to swim this interval. For example:200m for 5 times. Between the intervals you either one-minute rest or you do an active rest while breaststroke loosely 100 m before you start the next interval. This type of training can vary a lot – you can use equipment, vary arm strokes and leg-kicks, increase speed, etc. Interval training is much fun for me.

Power-sprints and cool down

If you are not yet exhausted through the main part of your training, you can still add a few sprints (this can be part of the technical training aswell). Just paddle as fast as you can, as were the perfect wave right behind you. Keep the pace over 10-15 meters and then swim through. Short break (30-60 seconds) and then goagain. 2-3 lanes should suffice (for the beginning). Finally, you have to cool down, swim loose breaststrokes …

… and then you “already” did it.


You should swim as often and as much as possible. In addition to the benefits for surfing is a sport with many other benefits, including:

  • Movement with joint relief
  • Ideal back strengthening , prevention of intervertebral discs -problems
  • Cardiovascular workout without stress on the musculoskeletal system

An alternative by the way is paddle – training on a lake nearby you.

Over to you: How about your swim training?