Never surf in green boardshorts

In Indonesia they tell the legend of the Godess Ratu Nyi Loro Kidul, the Queen of the southern sea. She really loves everything which is colored green.

You better not underestimate the Indian Ocean with its strong waves and currents. Hence many people drown here – especially on the wild southern coast of Java. Due to the fact for many generations people attribute it to the queens preference for handsome young men. Each year she picks numerous of them from the beach into her empire, to make them her lovers – and they tell – all wore green shorts.

Therefore: Never surf with green board shorts in the Indian Ocean!

Good to know :

  • Bob Laverty surfed in Uluwatu, a few days after he discovered legendary G-Land – and died by drowning in the ocean. When his body was found afterwards dead on the shore a sea snake had wrapped around him and … he wore green boardshorts .
  • In the Samudra Beach Hotel, Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java, there is room 308, fully furnished in green colors – dedicated to Nyi Loro Kidul. They never give it to guests. It’ hers.