Beautiful Beaches: Langre, Spain

Langre is a (I’m sorry) one horse town in the middle of northern Spain, between Gijon and Bilbao, next to Santander. Green meadows and in the distance you can see the Picos de l’europa with their maybe snow-covered peaks. Langre has an extremely beautiful bay with great waves – in it’s neighborhood there’s nothing except Boris’ Liquid Surfcamp a few farms – the right place to chill and switch off. The best thing is: Most of the time you have the bay just for yourself.

The bay is also good for SUP. My friends offer SUP-classes regularly:

Langre Spain 01

Langre Spain 02

Langre Spain 03

Langre Spain 04

Langre Spain 05

Langre Spain 06

Langre Spain 101

stay stoked and hang loose


Wavehuntress’ Week

What Your Surfboard Says About You

A surfboard is the most important component of any surfer’s arsenal. Surfboards are conduits that splash brushstrokes on saltwater canvases. They are extensions of our souls. They are muses and swords, trophies and brothers. Like it or not, the board you ride says a lot about you.

Planning A Trip When You Don’t Have Time

Some travelers are just naturally good at planning – they enjoy it, and feel it helps them get through rough situations. But there are also people who travel spontaneously without little more than a plane ticket. Others don’t have enough time to thoroughly plan their adventures because of work, school, and/or home life demands. Here are a few things you can do to help prep for any adventure, even if you’ve got less than 24 hours to get everything together:

The Surfboard Design Guide

Shapers from all over the world start with a foam blank or a piece of wood and shape it into a beautiful, streamline water craft, that we all enjoy riding in the ocean so much. So here are the main components that make up your surfboard. Its important to know and understand the basics and differences between each one.

[GERMAN] The Perfect Packlist For Surfers

Your next trip is just coming up and you cannot wait? But you have no clue which things you need? What is important and which stuff can you leave ate home? With this packlist you will be prepared perfectly for your next surftrip:

15 Ridiculously Adventurous Things to do on Your Travels

The new age of exploration is all about self-exploration — seeing how far you can push yourself, seeing what you’re really made of. Here are 15 ways to make your travels even more adventurous and even more rewarding.

16 Reasons Life Is Better Without Shoes

Because everyone wants to be that child with mud between their toes again… and 16 reasons more…

11 Clever Tips For Bagging a Hotel Bargain

We’ve all tried one way or another to reduce the cost of hotel accommodation — it’s such a big part of a holiday budget. Finding the best deal can be a challenging and time consuming. But never fear, we’ve come up with a clever list of booking tips and tricks, to help you save money:

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Fresh Air and Spring Cleaning

Almost on time for the beginning of spring, I was thinking, I can bring some fresh air in my blog and clean up a little – not so easy now with more than 70 posts. Perhaps you’ve noticed, if not, no worries. I changed the navigation so for you (and me also) it will be a little easier to find the topics you are looking for.

First I thought that “Wavehuntress week” and the “Happy Weekend Quotes” need their own sub-category, because they are currently more likely everywhere and nowhere. So in future you can find both in my “Impact Zone” easy to find and have everything at a glance.

Impact Zone – yes, but why?

The Impact Zone is the area in the spot where the waves break, there where it’s all comes together. I liked the name better than “Stuff” or “Other” or “Misceallous” and it fits: The “Impact Zone” is where everything happens. So I not only give weekly link tips and share wonderful words and quotes – the “Pearls Of Salty Wisdoms“, here you can find now my “How to’s” – just as a collection – and personal insights into my life. I’m planning a lot and can only promise that it will determine turbulent. Therefore, the term “Impact Zone” is just right!

Traveling – now with Stories and Tips

Again, I thought to myself, that a division is not so wrong. In the “Travel Tips” you can now find all sorts of useful things which will help you to simplify your travels, such as the “Hostel Survival Guide”. But also places and “beautiful beaches” that impressed me lot.
In the “Travel stories” I’ll tell you about what so fascinating about traveling for me and what I have experienced
abroad so far.

Fit for surf – almost the same

Here you further can find basics and surfspecific workouts, that will make you fit for surfing. Moreover, I’ll sometime give a kick in the ass, I have to give myself every now and then, which you can also benefit. Just not talking about the delicious recipes and introduce you to some foods that you maybe don’t have on your daily mealplan.


I’m crazy about surfing, you have probably already noticed. Here you can find now everything has to do with it. I will continue not to talk about contests, surfers or board shapes or something like this – there’re many goog pages, but I’ll simply write about the love of my life (hence the heart;-)) and all that it’s about for me.

The rest – Contact and About

Beloved: Use the Contact button and diligently write me! Follow me on social networks, if you do not now, stay updated. Ask questions, comment, criticize me and let me know what I can do better.
If you want to know what drives me to write this blog, visit my About page. Here I write about my motivation and what the surfing so much fascinated me is that I like to stay tuned to write this blog.

I hope you like the new strcture and enjoy your time on this blog even more. Until then:

Healthy eating: Chickpea Spinach Curry

Today I have another recipe for you, that meet my three requirements on cooking. It doesn’t take long, it’s with low expenditure and a healthy, delicious dish comes out of it.

Chickpea Spinach Curry

You need:

  • 1-2 onions
  • 1 big can of chickpeas
  • 1 pack of spinach
  • Curry, salt, pepper (a little bit Maggi)
  • maybe garlicpowder, cumin
  • for the non-vegan version: 1/2 piece of feta cheese

Chop the onions and roast them gently in the pan with enough oil. Once they are translucient, add 2 tablespoons curry powder, distribute and fry briefly.
Now add the drained chickpeas, the spinach and about a liter of water. Simmer for about 10 minutes with the lid closed. Remove the lid and continue cooking until the liquid is reduced and it becomes a nice consistency. Stir from time to time, to avoid scorching.
If you prefer a non-vegan version, crumb yet ½ piece of feta cheese and mix it in.
Now season with salt and pepper. A little bit of garlic powder and cumin matches also very good.

Finally, my Grandma’s insider tip: She always says: “On Greens must a little dash of Maggi”. I like it, but I know that not everybody does. If you are not sure you try it first on a spoon.




The benefits

  • Spinach united despite very less calories many healthy vitamins and minerals. Besides iron it contains lutein and other valuable nutrients, such as potassium and magnesium, vitamin C and beta carotene.
  • Chickpeas provide more protein than some type of meat. They are also very Ferrous and contain a lot of calcium. They also contain vitamin A, B, C, and E, as well as the essential amino acids lysine and threonine, needed by the body to build proteins.

Have fun cooking.


Wavehuntress’ Week

14 Amazing Places For Women Who Want To Travel Solo

This is a man’s world… Not really. The subject of solo travels ignites many ideas, wishes, plans, to-do-list and a lot more. The ladies are conquering the world. Here are some exotic, lavish, sturdy, adventurous,sumptuous travel gateways.

7 Common Travel Myths That are WRONG

A lot of myths occure about traveling. But are they really true? The good news is: Most of them are not. Matt dispels some of the most common myths about traveling.

6 Myths About Travel Insurance

There are also myths about travel insurance. You’ve just booked a big trip, and you’re debating whether you need to shell out that additional cash for travel insurance. Do you need it or not? Check Mikis article to find the answer.

What You Need To Know About Booking Your Flight

The big question: When is the best time to buy plane tickets? So far, nobody has been able to come up with definitive answers that stand the test of time for very long. But there are numbers-based guidelines touted by travel experts. And there are tools and data that can help you ascertain the right time to buy. Here’s the latest information on mastering the art of airfare booking.

The Ultimate Alternative Bucket List

There is more to a good travel to-do list than just falling out of the sky, seeing the sights and locking your love to a bridge in Paris. gives you ‘The Ultimate Alternative Bucket List.’ These are the moments, experiences and activities they believe every traveler should enjoy (or suffer through) at least once in a while on the road.

These Women Quit Their City Jobs And Started A New Life In The Outdoors

Last week you read about some reasons to quit your job and travel the world. Here are some inspiring examples who really did it! Read about ten woman, who changed a life full of soaring stress levels for a life by the coast or in the mountains.

10 mistakes most new travelers make

Every traveler has been a new traveler before. This is a time when they learn about themselves and how to travel. At some point in time, new travelers tend to make mistakes. These mistakes are due to their inexperience with traveling. Here are 10 mistakes that most new travelers make and some experienced traveler’s advice to help you avoid these mistakes.

10 things you should know before learning how to surf

So what pearls of salty wisdom and sunburnt know-how should you take on your surf adventures? Consider these ten things you should know before learning to surf – a sort of Kook’s Commandments.

Surf Your Soul: The Connection Between Yoga and Surfing

Whether it is the perfect day or the perfect wave, the world is constantly changing, Surfing, like yoga, teaches us to adapt better to this change, to appreciate the moment, and to be less attached. Here you can read more about the connection between Yoga and Surfing.

stay stoked and hang loose