Fresh Air and Spring Cleaning

Almost on time for the beginning of spring, I was thinking, I can bring some fresh air in my blog and clean up a little – not so easy now with more than 70 posts. Perhaps you’ve noticed, if not, no worries. I changed the navigation so for you (and me also) it will be a little easier to find the topics you are looking for.

First I thought that “Wavehuntress week” and the “Happy Weekend Quotes” need their own sub-category, because they are currently more likely everywhere and nowhere. So in future you can find both in my “Impact Zone” easy to find and have everything at a glance.

Impact Zone – yes, but why?

The Impact Zone is the area in the spot where the waves break, there where it’s all comes together. I liked the name better than “Stuff” or “Other” or “Misceallous” and it fits: The “Impact Zone” is where everything happens. So I not only give weekly link tips and share wonderful words and quotes – the “Pearls Of Salty Wisdoms“, here you can find now my “How to’s” – just as a collection – and personal insights into my life. I’m planning a lot and can only promise that it will determine turbulent. Therefore, the term “Impact Zone” is just right!

Traveling – now with Stories and Tips

Again, I thought to myself, that a division is not so wrong. In the “Travel Tips” you can now find all sorts of useful things which will help you to simplify your travels, such as the “Hostel Survival Guide”. But also places and “beautiful beaches” that impressed me lot.
In the “Travel stories” I’ll tell you about what so fascinating about traveling for me and what I have experienced
abroad so far.

Fit for surf – almost the same

Here you further can find basics and surfspecific workouts, that will make you fit for surfing. Moreover, I’ll sometime give a kick in the ass, I have to give myself every now and then, which you can also benefit. Just not talking about the delicious recipes and introduce you to some foods that you maybe don’t have on your daily mealplan.


I’m crazy about surfing, you have probably already noticed. Here you can find now everything has to do with it. I will continue not to talk about contests, surfers or board shapes or something like this – there’re many goog pages, but I’ll simply write about the love of my life (hence the heart;-)) and all that it’s about for me.

The rest – Contact and About

Beloved: Use the Contact button and diligently write me! Follow me on social networks, if you do not now, stay updated. Ask questions, comment, criticize me and let me know what I can do better.
If you want to know what drives me to write this blog, visit my About page. Here I write about my motivation and what the surfing so much fascinated me is that I like to stay tuned to write this blog.

I hope you like the new strcture and enjoy your time on this blog even more. Until then:


Back To Business

I am back again… back in cold Germany, far away from the ocean and the waves. And I miss it so badly. But it’s time to do some business again and to look after my blog. So New Year starts a little bit later here and I have big plans with you.

wavehuntress back at work

This year I like to

  • stop being shy and start with the videos
  • workout and make challenges with you
  • show you more beautiful beaches
  • and post the weekly review reliable, punctual and regularly every (!) sunday

you will get

  • further parts of the Hostel Survival Guide
  • healthy and tasty recipes
  • some personal insights

and of course everything’s still about surfing, traveling and life in-between.

What I want to know from you is: what do you like to read and to see on this blog? Please let me know…

stay stoked and hang loose

Wavehuntress’ Week

From warm and sunny Bali – my link-tips for this week:

How to buy the right surfboard

Christmas is coming soon and a new board would be a great gift. Here is some help to pick the right one for you.

Safety in Big-Wave-Surfing?

Adam gives interesting insights into safety for Big Wave Surfers Big Wave Surfen.

8 Travel Hacks to save some money

If you are on a longer trip and travel with a budget, it is important not to waste your money. This eight tips by Michael will help you to save some money.

5 Reasons To Travel More Often

I don’t need any reason to do that. What about you? If you need some reasons here are five for you.

3 Irresistible Credit Card Strategies for Travelers

Between points, cash back and special offers, credit cards are as necessary to your travel strategy as a good guide map. So here Shannah gives you three strategies:

stay stoked and hang loose


Wavehuntress’ week

Every sunday I will give you a brief update with interesting articles and links that I found during the week. Ready? Let’s go:

Under the radar Travel destinations

Last week we talked about the Top-Travel Destinations for 2015. But there is so much more to travel than touristic photo ops and long-lined attractions. It is really amazing what you can see when you go beyond the surface of a destination. Now here are the Top-under-the-radar-destinations:

Plastic pollution is plaguing our world

Polluted beaches and plastic in the ocean is a huge problem. On theinertia a few ways to Rise Above Plastics, break bad habits and practice the four “Rs” on plastic use: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are shown.

Exercises for balance and core stability

SurfergirlMag posted some exercise routines to help improve your surfing. They’re looking at gym routines that can help boost your balance and core stability when surfing.

Why Returning From Travel Is Harder

…than leaving the comfort of home. Sophie Cook reveals to you on elitedaily.

The world’s 13 Scariest Waves

Monsters Are Real. Just in time for halloween shows us the scariest waves in the world.

Eat your way to better surfing…

Sport and nutrition are linked together. I already wrote article about this topic and I will publish it soon on that blog. In the meantime you can read this one from wavelength magazin.

Over to you: How about your week? Which recommendable articles have you read?