My name is Ramona and…

I am surfadict!

wavehuntress.jpgSince I first stood on my board this passion wouldn’t let me go. It became a huge part and the love of my life. Since I unfortunately don’t live near any ocean, but in the middle of Germany, I can pursue my passion just for a couple of weeks per year. The rest of the time I feel uncomplete, I try things that might be an appropriate alternative for surfing. (Didn’t find something equal by now). My blog is about the search and the hunt for the perfect wave and a life in happiness !

Why this blog?

I realized how much surfing became part of my life. Everything is about the next trip. When can I get vacation? Where can I go? But also: what can I do to stay fit and to get better, even without surfing everyday? In the time between my trips I constantly look at my pics and travel diaries, shop surf clothes that I can’t even wear here in Germany, watch good and bad surf-movies, read books about surfing and daydream from the ocean and the waves.

Memories and the next surftrip

And then the day is finally there – I go on my next trip! I enjoy every moment to the fullest. Time passes so fast as always and before can realise I ‘m back here in Germany – far away from my beloved ocean and its wonderful waves – and I have nothing but my memories and ideally the next trip planned. The more I travel, the bigger grows my longing ! It is getting worse every time.

Desire loves company

There are many reasons for this blog. First of all it helps me to deal with the cold surf-turkey. Through this blog I can be concerned with my greatest passion. That sounds pretty selfish at first , but in many conversations I figured our that there are so many people that feel the same like me… and a desire shared is a desire halved, isn’t it? Many blogs are about surfing, but less are writing about the time in between the trips. With my blog I would like to close this gap. And of course I hope that my blog …

  • helps others to endure the surf free time
  • will also inspire experienced surfers and
  • whet peoples appetite for surfing and traveling

just surfing … and everything else

This blog is about surfing and all that comes with it. It is all about the eternal longing for the ocean, the search for happiness and a life for the next wave.

Annotation to the english version:

I am not a native english speaker, so please be lenient and patient with me.



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