Wavehuntress’ Week

What Your Surfboard Says About You

A surfboard is the most important component of any surfer’s arsenal. Surfboards are conduits that splash brushstrokes on saltwater canvases. They are extensions of our souls. They are muses and swords, trophies and brothers. Like it or not, the board you ride says a lot about you.

Planning A Trip When You Don’t Have Time

Some travelers are just naturally good at planning – they enjoy it, and feel it helps them get through rough situations. But there are also people who travel spontaneously without little more than a plane ticket. Others don’t have enough time to thoroughly plan their adventures because of work, school, and/or home life demands. Here are a few things you can do to help prep for any adventure, even if you’ve got less than 24 hours to get everything together:

The Surfboard Design Guide

Shapers from all over the world start with a foam blank or a piece of wood and shape it into a beautiful, streamline water craft, that we all enjoy riding in the ocean so much. So here are the main components that make up your surfboard. Its important to know and understand the basics and differences between each one.

[GERMAN] The Perfect Packlist For Surfers

Your next trip is just coming up and you cannot wait? But you have no clue which things you need? What is important and which stuff can you leave ate home? With this packlist you will be prepared perfectly for your next surftrip:

15 Ridiculously Adventurous Things to do on Your Travels

The new age of exploration is all about self-exploration — seeing how far you can push yourself, seeing what you’re really made of. Here are 15 ways to make your travels even more adventurous and even more rewarding.

16 Reasons Life Is Better Without Shoes

Because everyone wants to be that child with mud between their toes again… and 16 reasons more…

11 Clever Tips For Bagging a Hotel Bargain

We’ve all tried one way or another to reduce the cost of hotel accommodation — it’s such a big part of a holiday budget. Finding the best deal can be a challenging and time consuming. But never fear, we’ve come up with a clever list of booking tips and tricks, to help you save money:

stay stoked and hang loose


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