Wavehuntress’ Week

The Best Solo Destinations 2015

Where to go as a solo traveler in 2015? Here are the best destinations.

Nearly Frozen Waves

Beautiful and stunning pictures of nearly frozen waves you can see here.

Borrow Boards From A Local

For all surfers, one of the trickiest parts of exploring the world’s waves is finding a good surfboard to ride. Why not borrow it from a local for a small fee?

7 Cheap Beaches You Can Still Book For Spring Break

At this frigid time of year, the only thing that sounds better than a beach is a cheap beach. And if you’re dreaming of a spring break spot but haven’t narrowed things down yet, there is still hope.

Hotel Room Workout – Stay fit

With these ten exercises you can keep yourself fit, even in the smallest rooms.

How to: Turtle Roll Basics

Last week you read about how to Duck Dive. Now here’s the Turtle Roll.

9 Scientific Hacks To Help You Get Over Jet Lag

Jet Lags can be terrible. Waking up in the middle of the night and feeling sleepy and hungry at the wrong times can be all sorts of annoying when all you want to do is explore a new city, or have to be on top form during a work trip.

stay stoked and hang loose


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