Lessons I learned: Mistakes in surfing

It looks so easy when others do it. I am surfing for four years now, not consistantly but quite a long time though. There are some small mistakes have crept in. And it’s really hard to get rid of them. But when you know what you’re doing wrong, you can work on it. Here are my common mistakes:

I don’t look back while paddling for a wave

When there is a wave I usually start paddling like a maniac. With a quick look behind you, you can not just check if and where the wave will break. You also can see if someones going for the wave as well, who might has priority.

I get hectic when the wave is coming

Sometimes it happens, that I get hectic. Then I really want to go fast and faster. And then I start to open my arms to widely. That leads to an inefficient paddling just on the surface. You have to do deep and long strokes to gain up speed. It will help you if you lift your upper body into a hollow back.

My take off is too slow

This is a big issue and something I really need to work on. I am taking off in two steps and it takes me ages until I finally stand up on my board. On land it’s pretty easy for me to jump up, but on the water it’s different. The only thing that will help is to practice.

I stare at the nose and my feet

When you stand wrong on your board you will fall off anyway. It doesn’t make a difference if you see your feet or not. Quite the contrary, you will be even more wobbly. Don’t look down, look where you want to go… first to the horizon then to the wave. That is what I worked on in my last holiday. And now I could x it out from this list.

My arms hanging flabby

My arms often flap loose beside my body. One one hand it looks kind of ridiculous. On the other hand, it’s important to move your arms slightly with you, when you start to turn. And when I not forget it – surprise, surprise – it’s getting more easy to turn.

When it’s getting wobbly, I set myself up

People tend to raise up when they feel to loose balance. And that’s actually totally stupid, because only when you are down and stay loose in the knees you get stability again. The Indos always talk about the “crap-style” because many Europeans stand on the board, just as they would sit on a toilet. Eighth time on it, it really is true – that always remain loose.

How could I even surf?

Oh, Oh, what a long list. Now I am amazed, that I even surf some waves. But sometimes it just works! You need proof? Here:

and sometimes it works

… apparently I did something right 🙂

The most important thing: never give up and have fun. No matter how many mistakes you make, as long there’s a smile on your face when you come out the water, everything’s fine.

Over to you: What are your common mistakes on the water? How do you get rid of it?

stay stoked and hang loose


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