Wavehuntress’ Week

Travel Vegan

Even when you’re traveling you don’t have to do it without your vegan lifestyle. Lili tells you here, how she and her family handle it.

Driving In Indonesia

A little bit off-topic, but I think it’s super funny, because it’s true. You know what they say, “if you can drive in Indonesia, you can drive anywhere!”. In truth, if you’re an expert ‘Indonesian driver’ then you probably shouldn’t have a license and you probably shouldn’t drive in any other country.

What Fees Are Actually Worth Paying for?

Fees are the reality of flying today, and it’s left us with a whole bunch of “to pay,” or “not to pay” questioning. So, which extras are actually worth paying for?

Bali Trash Tubes

Rubbish and trash is not only a Balinese problem. But as I was there, I realized that you can sometimes see it there especially clear.

Are you in LOVE with the Ocean?

In the month of love Abby likes to remind herself of the oceans powerful and mystifying beauty that brings so many different people from all walks of life together, to enjoy one thing.

Why Travel Is Good For Your Dreams

Travel can provide the opportunity to think about who you really are, apart from what you’re already doing or comfortable with, and provide new air in which to think more clearly about what you really want to pursue.

Travel With A Skateboard

When you want to take your skateboard with you, these 6 tips will be helpful.

Surfing-Highlights 2014 – A Visual Review

2014 was a big year for surfing. It’s the year that everything went that little bit further into the mainstream. It’s the year that Brazil won its first World Title. It’s the year that the ASP died. It’s the year that Kelly didn’t win half the contests, always. It’s the year that John John Florence claimed the unofficial title of best surfer in the world. Here, O’Neill looks back on some of their favorite moments from the memorable year of 2014.

stay stoked and hang loose


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