Wavehuntress’ Week

7 Ways Go Surfing Alone

No one likes crowded line ups. Lonely and quiet surf sessions, however, can be beautiful No drop-ins, no snakes, no aggro vibe; just you and the waves. Here you have 7 tips to make that happen.

CleanEating: 8 Foodie Tips To Help You Become Your Healthiest Self

Eating well doesn’t mean the same thing today as it did in years passed. We are constantly learning more about how our bodies react to different foods and what they require to work their best. All signs point to a natural, clean diet that’s rich in nutrients.

Travel And Stay Healthy

There’s almost nothing worth if you get ill, when you’re on the road. Here’s is how to avoid it.

Where Will Travel Be in the Next 10 Years?

Take a look in the future here:

How Travel Can Positively Change Both Your Life And The World

And here’s why:

Blizzard Barrels in New York

You can’t stop a real surfer from surfing – not even when you’re a winter storm called Juno

3 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Surf Game When You Can’t Surf

Staying in touch with a skill set only earned through hours in the water can be a difficult task at the best of times and even more so for those who don’t have an easily accessible break at their disposal. But by keeping in mind just a few strategies, you may just be able to help the process enough and hold onto a well-conditioned body and, arguably more importantly, a well-conditioned mind.

stay stoked and hang loose


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