Wavehuntress’ Week

It’s sunday – Time for my weekly link tipps. On time again from cold Germany

New Year Resolutions For Surfers

Even though the year has already begun,… but it’s never too late for some good resolutions. At the start of each year we all say to ourselves ‘this year I will surf more’. But you need to be more specific to succeed. Maybe Surferdad has some inspirations for you:

Waves Explained

Do you know how waves are generated and which types of waves are best to surf for your ability? If not, then here is a brief outline to assist your understanding of the waves surfers love and hate.

Make Your Own Surf-Wax

Here is how to make your own surf wax

10 Ways To Save Tons Of Cash When You Travel in 2015

Traveling on a budget is easier than ever, sais Matthew – Here he shows you 10 ways you can save money when you travel this year.

Preparing For Your Next Trip

No one likes the stress of ‘will I need this, do I need that’ and then either overpacking or leaving your vital possessions like the toothbrush, the camera or even your surfboard. Here are a few little SurfGirl tips to help you on your way.

More Life-Lessons Learned From Surfing

Surfing is not just a sport, it’s a perspective. It’s a way of life. Yes, that sounds dramatic, but hear me out. Surfing can teach you life lessons you won’t learn anywhere else. Elana shares a few with you.

Most Common Mistakes Made In Surfing

Plenty of common mistakes people make while surfing are responsible for much more mundane things, such as poor experiences, fewer waves caught, and slower progress overall. Here’s a list of the most common mistakes.

See you next week!

stay stoked and hang loose


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