Wavehuntress’ Week

The last issue for this year. New Year’s Eve is coming soon and it’s time to look back, make new plans, make resolutions and break with them again 😉

New Year’s Resolutions?

There are some things you might can work on… Lauren gives some suggestions:

At Least Being A Better Human

…could be one of your resolutions for the next year. These quotes may help you with it.

How To Make Plans

That you don’t fail, Ricki shows you 5 ways to follow on through on your New Year’s resolutions this year

Why You Should Travel Solo At Least Once

You know already that I love to travel alone. If you had not yet the motivation or the courage to go an a trip alone, here you have some reasons why you should definetly travel solo at least once.

Airport-Attractions To Pass Time

Waiting at the airport is part of traveling. But many airports build up attractions to help you pass your time as pleasant as possible.

Too Much Traveling?

Not possible, isn’t it? Here are 25 indications, you might be traveling too much.

Travel Must Do’s 2015

Do you have already plans for 2015? What about cycling in Cuba? Some other suggestions you’ll find here.

Time To Get Surf-Fit

Cath shows you her tips for getting surffit.

stay stoked and hang loose


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