Wavehuntress’ Week

From warm and sunny Bali – my link-tips for this week:

How to buy the right surfboard

Christmas is coming soon and a new board would be a great gift. Here is some help to pick the right one for you.

Safety in Big-Wave-Surfing?

Adam gives interesting insights into safety for Big Wave Surfers Big Wave Surfen.

8 Travel Hacks to save some money

If you are on a longer trip and travel with a budget, it is important not to waste your money. This eight tips by Michael will help you to save some money.

5 Reasons To Travel More Often

I don’t need any reason to do that. What about you? If you need some reasons here are five for you.

3 Irresistible Credit Card Strategies for Travelers

Between points, cash back and special offers, credit cards are as necessary to your travel strategy as a good guide map. So here Shannah gives you three strategies:

stay stoked and hang loose



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