Surfing: How To Get Back In After A Break

The first day in a surf camp is for me always a day full of mixed emotions. On one hand I am absolutely euphoric – finally surfing again, in the ocean, into the waves. On the other hand: disillusion, most things just don’t work how they should. That leads to disappointment, frustration and dissatisfaction.

But why? And How Can You Avoid It?

Expectations Are Too High

The first day is for getting used to surf again not for high performance surfing. I know that, but still, I often can’t appreciate even small success. I tend to belittle my accomplishments. … “Yeah, that was quite ok, but only in the white water and also I had a longboard …” Better is…
Enjoy every wave you get and do not be disappointed because they may be too small or you were not able to ride them long enough Try not to think about how much better it was the last time. Be glad about those small moments of happiness and success!

Not Enough Training

Everyday life can be very stressful and busy sometimes, so training has not always prio 1and I skipped it once in a while… shame on me. But what goes around comes around. After a few paddle strokes I hang panting on my board and must take a rest constantly. The next day I have sore muscles and then I could barely move. To avoid this…
Train regularly. Your goal should be to start where you end at your last surf trip. Hang in there.

Bad Equipment In The Surf schools

The boards in the surf schools are in heavy use. Therefore, there is either water-soaked soft board or haevy hard boards made of poly-ethylene. Then it could be that there is no surfboard with your preferred sizes or this it is just given to someone else. Therefore …
If possible, take your own equipment. You know your board and so you don’t have to struggle with rented board with low quality. In the worst case you have to test more than one to find something that suites you. Precious time, you better use for having fun

No Help

Especially when I visit a place for the first time and am not familiar with the spots and the waves I feel sometimes a little helpless. And when I am in a huge group of surfers it maybe can be, that me and my interests disappear in the group. But…
You should talk to your surf guide. When you have a specific goal that you want to work on, tell him and ask for feedback later.

If you follow those tips, you can avoid disappointment and frustration on your first day on the board again. And always remember:

surf and have fun

The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.

Over to you: What about your first day surfing after a long time?

stay stoked and hang loose


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