Wavehuntress’ Week

Due to time differences and being just too busy being happy, a little bit belated. But here we go with my link tips of the week

Indonesians Best Waves

and never surft one of them 😦 There is my new bucket-list

Travel Like A Child

Easygoing, adventurous, curious. That is how it’s meant to be. Read on Travelettes the ten best reasons.

Plastic-polution of the oceans

According to a study there are about 270 000 tons of plastic in the oceans. That is just discusting. Start with yourself to stop this.

5 Lessons Learned From Traveling

Traveling is a huge part of Sensis life. She sais that there’re a lot of reasons for the importance of traveling. Here she is sharing 5 lessons she had learned from traveling.

Things You Cannot Buy With Money

Money rules the world! But the really important things in life, you cannot buy!

Sick Of Winter?

Let’s go surfing! SurfGirlmag shows you the best winter-escapes.

Traveling Alone Is The Best Way To Travel

Being on the road alone is still difficult to imagine for the most of the people. And that’s for no reason. Emily gives you 9 good reasons for that traveling alone is the best way to travel.

stay stoked and hang loose


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