Wavehuntress’ Week

It’s Sunday evening! Time for Wavehuntress Week. The whole week I collected links and articles that might be interessting for you. Let’s go!

A Better Human Through Surfing

Zach knows that surfing alone doesn’t make you a better human. But he has 10 points why surfing improves humanity. “Make the world a better place. Go surf!”

Surfing in Iran

I would guess that Iran isn’t the first place you think about while minding to surf, is it? But even in Iran there are some good waves.

Surf-Fit, When You Can’t Surf

Fitness-tips by Chris: He shows you what you can do if there are no waves nearby

The Best Islands, You Never Heard Of

Everybody knows Hawaii, Fuerteventura, Bali. But what about Mustique or Pitcairn Island. Here are 12 islands you probably never heard about

10 Useful Travel-Apps

Traveling without smart phone… no way in these days. Marek shows you some useful apps for travelers

How to: Fall On Shallow Reefs

7 great tips, how you save your skin by falling right on shallow reefs.

Familyfriendly Surf-Trips

I am traveling alone anyway. But if you go with your family there are some good compromises

Everybody Has To Care About Environment

Especially for us surfer it is an important topic. Eco Surf is the keyword here.

Interessting Map Of Happiness

This wonderful map shows the happiness of countries around the world. In other words it shows the extent to which countries deliver long, happy and environmentally sustainable lives for their citizens.



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