Wavehuntress’ Week

It’s sunday again. So here we go with my weekly link tips:

10 Waves To Start Your Day

Some nice shots, which are really wanna make you surf:

How To… Make Friends While Traveling

The people you meet during your journey make it special. You either can have the time of your life or end up alone in your hotel room. Hence, that won’t happen to you, you can read here how to make friends while traveling

6 Steps Surfing Teaches About Life

Anna writes about what surfing taught her about life.

Which Kind Of Surfer Are You?

Check it out at Indosurflife.

 8 Amazing Inexpensive Countries

Have you ever dreamed about pack your stuff an live in a foreign country for a year? But it shouldn’t be too expensive. Here are eight suggestions:

25 Reasons Why Surfing Is So Addictive

Surfing is definitly addictive and there are many reasons for that. Here you have 25:

The Purpose Of Life Is Adventure

Fantastic shots and true words, which made me goosebumps – and now I have wanderlust… again!

See you next week!

stay stoked and hang loose


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