13 Things To Enrich Your Journey

You can find cultural insights and adventure almost anywhere. How you decide to travel and what you decide to do is far more important than where you decide to go and what you intend to see. Thinking in terms of doing rather than seeing will enhance that most vital often elusive dimension of your travels: depth.

1: Relax on a desolate beach

Look at the sea and just relax and unwind, away from the crowded beaches. And this deserted beaches are everywhere, you just have to open your eyes.


2: Spend the night somewhere unusual

When was the last time you spend a night outside? Guess my choice: a luxury bed in a 5-star hotel or a place under millions of stars?


3: Try an “unordinary” transport

To fly is practical, a taxi is convinient and with a speedboat you can save a lot of time. But try a train in the third class, a sailboat or a wrecked bus. It will not be comfortable, but you will meet great people and you’ll have great stories to tell.


4: Taste the streetfood

If you like you can like home when you’re on the road. But why should you want this? Go on the streets and in the food courts. Try things you’ve never eaten!


5: Make friends with other travelers

Go out to a few bars or to a club in the evening together, have fun. Share your adventures and experiences and learn from eachother.


6: Head under water

…and discover a different world.


7: Go underground

Not only underwater another world is waiting for you, underground you can discover exciting things as well.


8: Meet a local

There is hardly a better guide than a local. He not only shows you the city or the place, but also the life there and corners tourists normally do not go.


9: Navigate without your guidebook

Talking about getting lost. Why not do it on purpose. Go out without map, without smartphone app and look where you’re going. Just walk and follow your intuition.

10: Explore the backstreets of a city

With or without map, if you don’t follow the main roads and tourist flows, you’ll discover the real essence of a city.


11: Bargain at the local market

For me as a German it’s a little bit weird to bargain. But when I am traveling, I make it a game. Do not be cheeky, ask kindly and respectful. And never pay the first-mentioned price.


12: Taste the local “firewater”

Almost every country has a local “specialty” – just closed your eyes and down with it! Cheers!


13: Climb a mountain

and enjoy the view.


Over to you: This list is not complete, so what are the things that enrich your journey?


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