The ultimate Hostel-Survivalguide Part 2

After you found your perfect hostel here and already know how to get along in a dorm, we are going to the lounge now.

My Ultimate Hostel-Survivalguide Part 2: In The Lounge

Every hostel has a place, where guests can hang out together – a cozy lounge, a beautiful roof top, maybe a bar. No matter what it is, here you have the great chance to connect with some people and maybe find some future travel mates.

Tip 5: Don’t Be Shy, Talk To People!

In the ages of smartphones digital network stuff most of the guests will stare at their smartphone, laptops or tablets instead of sharing their interesting stories of travel adventures and experiences. It’s a real pity. My experience shows me, that many of them are just hiding behind their electronic device. So they don’t have to start a conversation by themselves. Don’t be shy! Talk to the people, ask questions about their trips, if they have already been to the places you like to go. Or if they can recommend something. You’ll be pretty surprised, because most of the people will be really happy for the possibility to tell your their story. And never take it personal, if someone doesn’t want to talk to you. Maybe he or she is really busy or doesn’t speak so good English. No worries, tomorrow there will be new people.

Tip 6: Join The Activities!

Many hostels offer some cool activities, most of the free, like excursions or meals. Don’t miss the opportunity and join it. Not only that you get to know the other guests better, also you will learn about the country and people. Sometimes spontaneous parties or a Beer Pong Tournament starts, to name just two examples. No matter what: Join and have fun!

Tip 7: Leave Your Footprints!

I never have been to a hostel which had no guestbook. Explore a little and write something down to leave your footprints.

Tip 8: Take A Look In The Bookshelf!

In most hostels there are bookshelves, where the guests can leave the books, the have already read and take another one. Rummage a little and pick a book besides your usual reading habits – a book that you never would have bought. Perhaps you will discover indeed a title that you read already wanted to read for ages. When you leave a book, w rite something nice on the first page – make the next owner smile.

Tip 9: Ask The Staff!

You have no clue what you are doing this day? Ask the stuff. They’ll give you hints and tips besides standard tourist tours and sights. You can ask about some places, which they don’t like or never would recommend to anyone. Or which places the would like to go but never made it until now. Don’t forget to tell about your experiences. To make friends with the staff will help you to make the best of your time there.

Look forward to part 3, we will have a shower and visit the bathroom.

Over to you: Which activities did you join in a hostel? How do you connect with people and start a conversation?



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