Wavehuntress’ Week

First I have to apologize that there were no issue last week. But this week I am back and have a lot of interesting links for you.

How To Fund Your Travel Lifestyle

The biggest excuse for not traveling more often is because we think we don’t have enough money. Travel isn’t a luxury just for the rich and frivolous. Travel can be a beautiful reality for anyone who wants to make it so. Cliff explains us how.

Exercises For Better Turns And Maneuvers

The Fitness-series on Surfgirl continues. This time with exercises to improve your rotation on the board for better turns an maneuvers.

How To Avoid Drowning In A Rip Current

The ocean is so beautiful and fascinating. But it can also be very dangerous, particularly when you get caught in a rip current it can be lethal. On Indosurflife you can read, what those currents are and how to avoid drowning in a rip current.


How Much Did They Pay You To Give Up On Your Dreams?

A wonderful article written by Lauren on EliteDaily. And it makes you think about what keeps you from living your dream?

Surf Every Day In Bikini

Talking about living a dream. Amy lives it right now. On Surfgirl she writes about she did it to surf every day in bikini.

12 Simple Steps To Plan Your Trip

To plan a trip should be fun, but sometimes it can be very stressful. Thus, it do not happen to you Sebastian from Off the path shows you how you can plan and organize your perfect trip in 12 simple steps

Seven Travel Myths Busted

The longer you travel the more do you need? The world ist a dangerous place for travelers? Wrong. Doug busted in the Huffington Post seven of persistent travel myths.

Learning How To Surf With Over 50

Surfing is not just for younger people. Larissa and Michael Milne write about their experiences on the board in Hawaii with over 50 years.

See you next week!

stay stoked and hang loose


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