Healthy Eating: Do You Know Edamame?

I recently encountered Edamame on the menu of an Asian restaurant. Since I always like to try new things I ordered a serving and now I am hooked. Edamame are for me the perfect snack, but is also used in vegetable dishes or in soups. The word means beans on branchesand it stands for unripe soybeans.

The preparation is simple and goes very quickly: Boil the edamame in a pot of boiling salt water for about five to ten minutes and serve them sprinkled with sea salt and, if you like, with spices, such as chili or garlic. The soft beans are pressed either with your fingers or the mouth out of their shuck.




In East Asia, soybeans have a long tradition. For over two thousand years, it is an important source of protein. The soybeans contain a lot of healthy substances. So these ingredients helps to reduce cholesterol and thus protect the heart and blood vessels. They will help to store calcium in your bones and thus prevent osteoporosis. The high fiber content benefits the digestion. Their protein content equal to that of meat and eggs: They are rich in vitamin A and E, calcium and iron, all good to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

So, try it and eat lots of it!



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