Fit for Surf: Healthy Nutrition For Top Performance And Better Surfing

Our nutrition affects us in almost every condition in our lifes. If we provide our body the required nutrients many positive effects will sum up, like general fitness, cognitive performance and muscle growth. If just one component is missing, your body is not able to perform important processes. You see, if you want to stay fit a healthy nutrition is mandatory. Especially when you do a lot of sports, you need to obtain your sporting prowess and give your body the energy back.

Forget the recommendations

The recommendations are based on values ​​for the prevention of disease and the maintenance of the body functions to be more specific: the scarce survival. An example: The medical standard for vitamin D was recently at 15ng/ml, just enough to avoid osteoporosis. According to the latest state of knowledge, you need triple of that for the OPTIMAL expire of the metabolism and gene function.

A top nutrition for a top performance

Imagine your body as a car. A car needs gasoline. The engine burns it, transforms it into energy and behold: It moves! Your body works similarly. You give it food and it converts it into energy. And you want no cheap, adulterated fuel in your body, right? No! From now we want high quality and just fuel the best premium gasoline.
When your goal is a top performance, you have to eat more of the good stuff and provide your body all the necessary nutrients. If you do a lot of sports, a healthy diet is essential so you will receive your performance and give your body back the energy you’ve spend.




Healthy eating can be fun

Standing in the kitchen for hours and dealing with complicated recipes? Works not for me. Cooking and eating has to be fun. Cooking has to be quick and easy – without long lists of ingredients and without big effort, still varied and healthy, with lots of fresh natural foods.

And suchlike recipes I will provide: easy and quick to make, healthy and varied and without big effort.

Try new things!

I eat strictly vegetarian, thus you will find only vegan recipes on this blog. But no worries, I don’t want to force my diet to anyone. I ‘ll just show you how you can prepare delicious and balanced meals without animal products. I will also show you some foods that might be not on your daily meal plan now. The only thing I ask you for is to give it a try !

Power for your next surf session!

You’ll be surprised what the vegan cuisine has to offer and how good it will be for your body and your diet. And because I pay attention to the right balance, these meals will give you the necessary power for your next surf session !


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