Wavehuntress’ week

Every sunday I will give you a brief update with interesting articles and links that I found during the week. Ready? Let’s go:

Under the radar Travel destinations

Last week we talked about the Top-Travel Destinations for 2015. But there is so much more to travel than touristic photo ops and long-lined attractions. It is really amazing what you can see when you go beyond the surface of a destination. Now here are the Top-under-the-radar-destinations:

Plastic pollution is plaguing our world

Polluted beaches and plastic in the ocean is a huge problem. On theinertia a few ways to Rise Above Plastics, break bad habits and practice the four “Rs” on plastic use: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are shown.


Exercises for balance and core stability

SurfergirlMag posted some exercise routines to help improve your surfing. They’re looking at gym routines that can help boost your balance and core stability when surfing.

Why Returning From Travel Is Harder

…than leaving the comfort of home. Sophie Cook reveals to you on elitedaily.

The world’s 13 Scariest Waves

Monsters Are Real. Just in time for halloween aspworldtour.com shows us the scariest waves in the world.


Eat your way to better surfing…

Sport and nutrition are linked together. I already wrote article about this topic and I will publish it soon on that blog. In the meantime you can read this one from wavelength magazin.

Over to you: How about your week? Which recommendable articles have you read?


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