The ultimate Hostel-Survivalguide Part 1

After you found your perfect hostel here I now present you:

My ultimate Hostel-Survivalguide Part 1: In the Dorm

“A hostel is just like a hotel, you’re share the room with other people“

I don’t know, where I read this sentence, but I don’t totally agree. In a hostel there are some special rules. But if you follow my tips you can enjoy a great time with a lot of cool people. We start in the dorm:

Tip 1: Take care that you sleep well!

Luckily I have a deep sleep and that is perfect. In a dorm there is many fluctuation – people are coming and leaving constantly all the time, maybe there’s a snorrer in the room. You can have bad luck and and end up with loud party people in a dorm. If you are a light sleeper use some earplugs and a sleeping mask.

Tip 2: Don’t try to be quiet!

I am the loudest person in the world when I try to be quiet. Not kidding – I hit my foot, I drop things or other misfortunes happen. If you are the same like me, try this: Don’t try to be quiet, move normally as you were the only person in this room. Even if someone is sleeping, this person knows exactly that he is sharing the room with other people. No one should be that sensitive or he’s in the wrong place. And if you’re accidentally a little louder: stay cool, smile, excuse yourself briefly and the matter has been settled. Others will do like you, so don’t worry.

Tip 3: A headlamp is about the most massively useful thing!

Yeah, I know, Douglas Adams said it is a towel. But in a hostel you shouldn’t go without a headlamp. When you enter the dorm in the dark, you can navigate sure-footed to your bed without turn on the ceiling lighting and you can read in your bed. It’s always good to have a headlamp with you anyway. Talking about useful things. Take also a lock with you! While many hostels have lockers or lockable compartments, but just as many have lockers that can only be secured with your own lock.

Tip 4: Below is always better in a hostel!

Regardless where you prefer to lie in other situations… in a hostel takes effect: If possible, grab the bottom bed in the bunk bed. Why? Quite simple, so you do not have to sleep in the top bunk! First of all it is not that easy to come up there, especially in the dark (without a headlamp ->Tip 3) and after a few beers it is certainly not getting easier. Sometimes there is not even a ladder. There is often no storage space for your things like a water bottle, your smartphone, etc. If someone comes into the room in the middle of the night and turns on the light, it will directly shine on you. In the bottom bed on the other hand you can put your stuff on the floor next to you and also build a visual cover with a towel. Hey, Mr Adams was also right!

In Part 2 we go in the lounge. I have some tips for you to spend a great time here.

Over to you: Where do you prefer to sleep? Top or bottom? What do you do against troublemakers in the Dorm? What are your essential gadgets?



2 thoughts on “The ultimate Hostel-Survivalguide Part 1

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