Fit for Surf: HIIT for Surfer

HIIT stands for High intesity interval training. But also for an effective training and it promises quick results. In a HIIT workout you switch constantly between intense exercise load and short regeneration phases. These workouts are short, intense and arduous – but also highly effective. In the exercise intervals you’ll push yourself almost to your physical limits. Thus, the metabolism and the cardiovascular system is challenged at the maximum.

Why HIIT for surfers?

The principles of HIIT come from the high-performance sports. In almost every sport you have to react quickly. Even when surfing: you see the wave, you have to turn your board quickly and paddle like a maniac, if you want to catch it. Quick reaction and power from zero to hundred – that‘re just two of the things you can train with HIIT. It also improves your speed and explosiveness and it increases endurance, which you need to paddle back to the line up.

More benefits of HIIT:

  • Increased muscle growth by release of growth hormones
  • Improvement of the oxygen uptake capacity
  • Improves the ability to regenerate
  • Increase speed and / or agility

And that helps you to surf better. HIIT controls and maximizes both, the aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Your body needs oxygen to produce energy in form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the universal and immediately available energy source in cells and regulates energy-producing processes. This causes a faster regeneration of your muscles and also increases the energy supply. The High Intensity Interval Training achieve exactly this effect.

HIIT is awesome, because:

  • it saves time – 20 to 30 minutes are sufficient. Studies show that you can get better results with HIIT than with longer intervals in the aerobic-anaerobic threshold or with an intense cardio unit for example.
  • it is convenient – you can do the exercises at home, so you don’t have to go to the gym first.
  • it brings quick results – with HIIT you will see great results in a short time.
  • your endurance increases – your body is able to process more oxygen.
  • it is not getting boring – because there are numerous variations. Each HIIT is different, for instance you can change duration of the phases, in- or decrease the number of intervals and of course, vary the exercises.
  • and at least: It will make you fit for surf.


Fit for surf with HIIT for surfer

The advantages are quite obvious. Now you just have to start and you’ll see very quick results – even on the surfboard! I will soon present you a few exercises and show you entire workouts. For so long…



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