Wavehuntress’ week

From now on I will give you every sunday a short update with interesting articles and links that I found during the week. Ready? Let’s go:

Plan your vacations 2015 now

Lonelyplanets’ travel experts made some lists with the best traveldestinations in 2015. Where are you going next year?

Not sure now? Here you can find out:

Travel with backpack or suitcase?

For me it is a question of philosophy. The suitcase is for tourists, the backpack is for travelers. But obviously both have their advantages. Read here:

John John shows us his duckdive

Stunning! I wonder if he could do this with my (thick and wide) board as well?

Alana promotes the new GoPro

Yah! The first thing that came in my mind as I saw this picture was: “I have to go to town – I need to buy the new GoPro RIGHT NOW.”

Surf-localism– a cost benefit analysis

Rob Gilley asks at the Surfermag Blog, if “localism” works and makes a cost benefit analysis:

Go big or go home

The new trailer of the ASP XXL Awards is online. Lean back and enjoy:

And that is how the pros prepare for the big waves:

Ian Walsh gives us a little insight in his preparation-routine for the upcoming season. The exercises are not only for bigwave-surfer 😉

Death of conversation

Not exactly the topic of my blog, but I can’t and won’t refuse you this wonderful and meaningful photo series of boredpanda.

Over to you: How about your week? Which recommendable articles have you read?



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