How to: Find your perfect hostel

For solo-travelers it is almost a must! But even when you are traveling with friends – a hostel can be an inexpensive alternative to sterile or same looking hotel room. Hostels are great! They are cheap and nowhere else you can get in touch with other travelers so quickly and easily. But: It takes all sorts. Some can keep up with any design hotel, others offer you a cozy, familiar atmosphere, others are just descent. Therefore, you need to think well before you pick your choice. Especially if you have never been to a hostel, the vast selection can be a little bit overwhelming in the beginning. That is why I show you today,

How I find the perfect hostel for me:

I start by visiting the website: Thousands of hostels all over the world are listed here. I am pretty sure that there is the right one for you. Just fill in the city you want to travel to and when you are going to stay there. Now you are getting a huge list with many hostels and b&bs.

How to: Choise the right hostel

The following criterias are important:

  • price
  • rating
  • impression/facilities/ambience
  • location

It is entirely up to you how you priorize these points. For me, the price is really important, but on the other hand the ambience as well. Therefore, I decide usually for a hostel in the middle price segment.

Click by click to your travel home:

  1. First, sort by the price. So I can get an overview of the local price range.
  2. Next, I sort by the reviews. A high value is a good indicator for the quality of the hostels. Guests evaluate and rate the service, security, location, staff, atmosphere, facilities and cleanliness.
  3. And then I start clicking like a maniac – I open the cheap and highranked hostels in tabs. I look at the pics and decide within seconds flying by the seat of my pants. If I like, the tab stays open, if I don’t I close it. Most times there are about 4 or 5 hostels, which appeal to me in the terms of price and visual impression.
  4. Now it’s time for the details. I compare facilities and services. Is breakfast included (really important)? Aircon or Fan? Bikerental (just in case)? Parking lot? Laundryservice? and so on. I take a closer look where the hostel is located – how can I get there, is there a bus stop or a subway station?
  5. If available I now visit the hostels homepage. Here I get to know if they offer activities. In Singapore, for instance, I was in a hostel which offered citytours with the kickboard and in Lisboa we went out for a Fado-Evening.
  6. Finally I read some of the reviews. But again at In the direct comparison I usually find my favorite.

And voilà: I have found my hostel!

You can directly make your booking over A deposit of 16% is due – the rest I then pay when I am there. For a surcharge of 1 € I remain flexible and can use the deposit for another booking in case of cancellation.

Over to you: How do you find your hostel? What was the best hostel you have been to?


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