How to: Create your own Fit for Surf Workout Plan

Here you can read why it is so important to train constantly, if you like to be fit for surf. Now i am going to show you, how you can use the knowledge to create your personal “Fit for Surf-Workout Plan“.

Endurance + Strength + Flexibility + Balance = Fit for surf

In a surfspecific training you’ll make movements and exercises, which can help you to catch more waves and ride them longer. A well-balanced workout plan is the key to success. The relevant physical basics you need for surfing has to be trained in special workout units.


Surfing involves nearly all the muscles in your body. While you are paddling out with your surfboard, it takes a lot of energy, especially if you ‘re doing it several times. For catching the wave you need strength and endurance – as well for the take-off and even riding the wave. Regular strength training helps you to paddle faster, further and harder and gives you the ability to control your body better on the board. The major muscle groups are: shoulder, triceps, biceps, back and your core. In addition, a good inter- and intramuscular coordination, and strong muscles in your lower body are important.


Surfing is paddling! Approximately about 80% of your session is just paddling. So if you do not want to be completely out of breath when you arrive the lineup, you have to train endurance. Basically, all endurance sports are good for that. Whether running, biking or the cross trainer – the main thing is that your cardiovascular system is stressed. For surfing swimming is ideal as endurance sport. Crawl style swimming trains the muscle groups you need while surfing as well. Even better, of course: You have a lake nearby and you can paddle with your surfboard.

Flexibility & Balancetraining

Flexibility is one of the most important elements in fitness, but it is often neglected or left out. If your muscles are not flexible enough your movements are limited. Balance and coordination are essential skills for surfing. They are the body’s ability to make controlled and purposeful movements in any position or action in a stabilized, upright posture – which is essential for surfing. With balance exercises you train not only your balance – it also affects on posture, improves coordination and relaxes tense muscles. The inter- and neuromuscular coordination will be improved – that means the muscles interact more effectively with each other and with the nervous system. Both, balance and flexibility, you can train in a good way with yoga. ( There will be another blog post soon). For Balancetraining I also use an Indoboard or I go longboarding.

Put it all together: Create your Fit for surf – Workoutplan

Your workout has to suite your personal goals and aspirations. Make sure that your goals are realistic and fit into your schedule. Since I just surf in my vacations, it is my goal to start again, where I stopped the last time surfing. Here we go:

  • Initially plan for 4 to 6 weeks with a specific focus (endurance, strength, balance or flexibility).
  • Every week should have contain at least one unit of endurance and strength training.
  • Flexibility and balance you can train every day – but at least once per week.
  • For your focus put one to two units per week in addition.
  • Mix the units! Do not train the same two days in a row.
  • Arrange restdays, so that your body can regenerate.
  • Stay flexible! You feel a little bit weak or tired today? Maybe better a relaxing yoga session, instead of strenuous strength training .
  • Listen to your body! Start slowly and increase. If something hurts, stop doing it.
  • After 4-6 weeks it is time for a new plan. This avoids boredom.

Here is a template that helps you to create your fit for surf – training plan (PDF-Reader required) and this is how my training plan looks like. In the next posts I will introduce you some exercises and show you complete workouts.


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