Wavehuntress’ Week

From now on I will give you every sunday a short update with intresting articles and links that I found during the week. Ready? Let’s go:

Activeware by Billabong

On Surfgirlmag you can win some nice activewear made by Billabong. Until Oct., 31 2014 you just have to hashtag a picture of you doing sportactivities with #activesurfgirl and upload it on Instagram.

Always wanted your own island?

Surfermag tells you how. All you need is a computer, an internetconnection and a “little bit” of money.

Reasons why you are the best when you are traveling

We all love the version of ourselves that we become when we travel: confident, sexy, unstoppable. We effortlessly become energized, alive, connected, we can all recognize this new sense of self and yet it can still feel somewhat illusive. Tyler presents us the main six reasons for that.

The Kellycopter

With his multi-spin rotator air Kelly Slater impresses the whole surfscene again. In the internet they discuss if it was really a 720 or not. I don’t care – it looks spektecular. Have a look:

The opposite of this

Giselle Bündchen “awesomely” in the tube. And she surfs that good that she doesn’t even need wax…

Five traps every surfer should avoid

Be smarter and read at theinertia which those are:

With training you can become a better surfer

Exactly what I am saying all the time. Here explanined in three steps:

Inflatable Reefs Going to Create New and Perfect Waves?

Nice idea, isn’t it? How it should work you can read here.

Over to you: How about your week? Which recommendable articles have you read?



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