Best Surfer-Pancakes in the world

Pancakes make surfer happy ! After a morning session, there is almost nothing better than a pancake – or two or five ! Jack Johnson has dedicated a song to them . Here I have a healthy , tasty version that works without any animal products . Of course you can also replace the vegan with convential products. But – give a try – they are absolutely awesome!

For 4 – 5 Pancakes

you need:

  • 1 cup Soymilk
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup Wholemeal flour
  • about 1 tbsp agave syrup


  • soy yogurt
  • fruits

The preparation could not be easier :

Mash the banana with a fork. It replaces the egg and bind the dough. Add Flour , milk and agave syrup and mix well with an eggbeater. The dough should have the consistency of a milk shake. If you want it smoother you can use a (immersion)blender . Let the dough rest for approximately 10 minutes. Bake the portions through on both sides in a pan with vegetable oil.

Put a generous spoon of soy yogurt on it and finally the chopped fruit on top. Now turn on the Song „Banana Pancake“ really loud and … enjoy.



Pimp my Pancake:

  • give a little pinch of cinnamon in the dough
  • bake bananaslices, blueberries or apples directly in the dough
  • Nuts, grated cononut, lemon or orangejuice as topping
  • mix maplesirup or oder mango puree in the yogurt



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