In love with … traveling

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
Saint Augustine

Traveling can be the most beautiful and worst thing in the world at the same time. Travel is unexpected , inconvenient and most of the time the opposite of what you expected happens. Travel is imperfect at each level. But that is precisely the point : If you want “perfect” you can stay at home !

Broaden your horizon, adjust your expectations

If you aspire for new things, and you are willing to learn how the world works and you want to discover who you really are, then traveling is the right way. Sometimes it is just magical, breathtaking and beautiful, but most of the time you have to deal with the things as they come, throw away your plans and make a new plan spontaneously. You broad your horizon while you constantly have to adjust your expectations.

Traveling can be better than you can ever imagine,

  • because you will discover sides of you, most of whom you might never guessed that they are in you
  • because you perceive the world from a completely different perspective
  • because you get to know other people and cultures and
  • make new experiences

Traveling stands for adventure

Most people have the false impression about traveling. Traveling doesn’t solve your problems and it will not make you an entirely new person. Traveling is an adventure – a path – and that’s how you should perceive it. Traveling is about crossing your own boundaries and grow beyond yourself. It means experiencing what you are able to accomplish, learning what you do not know and find out what you never really wanted to know.

… and that is why I love traveling so much

because I don’t want perfect! I want adventure, the unexpected, imperfects, freedom

Over to you: What is traveling for you? What makes you go and explore the world?



2 thoughts on “In love with … traveling

    • My best experience was when I was in bali for two month. I just planed the first week and everything was just an adventure. I had so many questions in my mind like will I find an accommodation, what about the money, what if I’ll stay alone for all the time??? But then everything was just awesome and it felt like it’s just meant to be like this. And so I stopped to doubt and started to trust in life. That was a really great.


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